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Terms and Conditions

When you book a slot at Sotherton Dog Meadow, you and anyone attending the booking with you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below. Sotherton Dog Meadow reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions without any prior notice.


  • Bookings at Sotherton Dog Meadow are strictly arranged and paid for online. There is no admittance to Sotherton Dog Meadow without a booking

  • Customers are required to enter and exit Sotherton Dog Meadow within their booked time slot

  • If customers arrive late for a booking they must still leave within their time slot

  • There are short gaps between bookings to try and prevent two bookings from ever being in the car park at the same time. We ask customers to leave the car park promptly at the end of their session to ensure it gives time for customers to enter and exit safely

  • When booking online customers will receive an email with instruction on how to enter/exit and an access code– please check the code before each visit as this will change without notice. Its is the customers responsibility to check they have received their confirmation email prior to arriving at the meadow. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they know the current gate code for their booking. Customers must not share the gate code with anyone else or leave the gate unlocked

  • It is a condition of hire that all customers clean up after their dog using the bins provided and biodegradable waste bags. Please leave the meadow as you found it and return toys to toy box

  • Card payments will be taken at the time of booking to secure your slot. The cost of hire is correct at the time of booking but may occasionally change

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow has no flood lighting, please do not book when it is dark


  • A full refund will only be provided if the cancellation is made more than 6 hours before the date and time of the booked slot

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow reserves the right to cancel your booking, although every effort will be made not to do this and a full refund or alternative slot will be offered


  • Sotherton Dog Meadow accepts no responsibility for any death or injury caused to a customer or damage to their property when onsite or using facilities. Customers use Sotherton Dog Meadow and the car park at their own risk

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow accepts no responsibility for any death or injury caused to a dog or resulting vet bills when onsite or using their facilities

  • We advise all customers to insure their dog for all circumstances including third party liability to cover their period of hire

  • If customers are professionals using the meadow to hold classes or provide a service we must have a copy of your business insurance- please contact us with a copy

  • Customers arriving early for their slot must wait in their car opposite the carpark entrance in our waiting area. Under no circumstance should customers enter the carpark until the previous customer has exited

  • Never enter the meadow if it is in use, please contact Sotherton Dog Meadow team immediately if you experience someone staying past their booked time slot or entering the field early

  • Always shut the gate on your departure, even if the next customer is waiting, this ensures that all clients have booked. Please do not provide access for or tell anyone else the access code

  • If you are part of a group booking and are using the overflow parking, please use a lead to get your dog across the drive and into the field. Please be very careful entering the car park with other people in it

  • Please close the access gate to the pond area when you leave the meadow in case the next customers want to keep their dog/children from entering the area

  • WARNING: the pond is deep water, the pond is to be used by dogs only. Sotherton Dog Meadow accepts no responsibility for the use of the pond or water safety equipment, the use of the pond by dogs and any swimming is done so at the customers own risk. A life buoy is provided at the entrance to the pond area, please familiarise yourself with how to use this before you allow any dog to swim the pond

  • Please contact Sotherton Dog Meadow if you are aware of any missing or faulty safety equipment/life buoys

  • Strictly no smoking, open fires or BBQs to be used in the meadow or car park


  • The team at Sotherton Dog Meadow will do our upmost to ensure that the field is secure, with regular checks. However, due to its rural location it is possible that the fencing may be compromised by wildlife and determined dogs may find away of escaping. If you enter the field and find that it is not secure please contact the team immediately

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow accepts no responsibility for escaped dogs

  • Our fencing is 6ft high with additional ground skirt, please do not allow dogs to jump up at the fence and gate or dig the ground wherever possible. Please try and refill any holes you find

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow sits within a working livestock farm, cows and horses may be visible from within the meadow and car park

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow is a rural site, although as many precautions as possible have been taken by its very nature there will be certain hazards for example (but not exclusively) wild animal burrows, uneven ground and slippery conditions


  • All play features are intended for canine use only

  • All equipment belongs to Sotherton Dog Meadow and must not be removed

  • Please do not attempt to move any equipment or feature, other than toys from the toy box. Please return toys to the toy box- these are not to be taken home by customers!

  • Customers agree that the business owner maintains full control and possession of Sotherton Dog Meadow and any equipment supplied at all times. The hire of Sotherton Dog Meadow does not constitute any rights over the land

  • Equipment may be removed at any time by Sotherton Dog Meadow ONLY without notice

  • Please inform Sotherton Dog Meadow team of any broken equipment

Canine Wellness and Behaviour

  • Dogs should never to be left unattended in Sotherton Dog Meadow

  • It is a condition of your booking that all dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations and worm treatment

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow has the right to ask you for supporting evidence to satisfy these medical requirements and decline entry if evidence cannot be provided

  • Please do not bring dogs with illnesses such as kennel cough or sickness and diarrhoea

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow reserves the right to cease any hire agreements with immediate effect should we deem any dog to be unsuitable due to their behaviour or health condition

  • We ask that all dogs coming as a group to use Sotherton Dog Meadow have been previously socialised


  • Sotherton Dog Meadow welcome children and familiesChildren must be accompanied at all times

  • Please do not allow children to climb on the seating, fence, gate or equipment

  • Sotherton Dog Meadow accepts no responsibility for any death or injury caused to a customer/child or damage to their property when onsite or using facilities

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